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Readers Respond: Are You Able to Live With Cats Despite Your Allergies?

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From the article: Allergic to Cats?
While some people successfully co-exist with their cats despite being allergic to them, others are unable to tolerate cat allergens. If you are one of the fortunate few, share your success stories with other allergic cat lovers. Do you take any special precautions? Are your cats forbidden to enter certain areas of your home? Your success stories may help other readers. Share Your Success Story

You can have pets while having allergies

I have allergies to cats and dogs. I've been taking allergy shots for over 30 years. I wouldn't be without an animal. Right now I only have a female tuxedo cat, Oreo, who is 5 years old. She crawls up on the bed and sleeps in my arms under the covers. I brush her every day and occassionally wipe her down with a wet paper towel and then dry her. She wakes me in the morning by nuzzling me or licking my face. We rub each other's foreheads to leave scents on the other. My allergist used to say "if something happens to this animal, then don't get anymore". I told him that wasn't an option. He has since changed his mind, saying "we're allowing people to have pets now." I just keep getting my shots and each year my serum gets stronger. I'm an animal person. I was able to get away with having poodles but I couldn't tolerate any other kind of dog. If it were up to me they would not have to have animal shelters. I'd have them all.

Soldiering On

I have always been allergic to pet hairs, and I certainly never even considered having a cat. 14 years ago my husband came home with a very tiny feral kitten. The mother had been run over in the steel yard where he worked, so he brought her home with the idea of taking her to the RSPCA. Even though I was sneezing and coughing all the time, I could not bear to part with Smokie, our little girl. She's now 14 years old, and I have adopted 3 other cats. I still get the odd bout of sneezing, but somehow, after the first really bad month of symptoms it gradually eased. I have never taken any medication to help, maybe it was just sheer determination that I would not part with Smokie, no matter what. I guess I was very lucky, it was certainly one of the best decisions I ever made to soldier on and 'saggurate' myself with catfur. I would have missed out on so much if I hadn't.
—Guest Lizzie G.

Have lots of hope!

I used to have a cat when I was a baby and had it for about 3 years until we found out that I was very allergic to cats. (48 on a scale up to 50) I recently took a trip to an animal shelter and I couldn't pass up playing with all the cute kittens! I fell in love with an adorable kitten I named Annabelle she is so energetic I call her a gymnast :) I have talked to my parents and they are not for sure yet but thanks to every ones stories I have lots of Hope having a kitten of my own!!
—Guest Erin


I have had allergies since my teens, I have 2 cats, one male & one female, every morning I sneeze several times, & have to blow my nose a lot, I take allergy tablets, but it doesn't always work, I'm going to talk to my Dr. about getting shots, this is my last solution.
—Guest Shirley Ann Schwarzer

Slight Allergy, But It's Livable

My family goes down to my grandma's house twice a year and she has a cat. I have a slight allergy to her, but it's livable. At times I start sneezing and my eyes get itchy and watery, but I love cats and can't imagine not getting one of my own. Also, it seems that I have built a slight immunity to cats as I let the cat lick and rub up against me. I'll be adopting my own cat this summer, and I can't wait. I won't let a small allergy stop me from getting a cat; I love them too much.
—Guest Maya

Read about vets allergic to cats

I googled veterinarians allergic to cats and sure enough it's not uncommon. It is encouraging that students allergic to cats are determined to become vets and vets allergic to dogs and/or cats continue to practice. I just took in a stray after caring for him outside for three months. I am so worried that my asthma will act up and I'll have to make other arrangements for him. I was encouraged when I read about the vets. BTW for asthmatics--make sure you are not confusing anxiety with asthma. I am worried about my allergies around the cat, so I get short of breath. This is so complicated!!
—Guest MJO


ive always wanted a kitten but i get weezing and shortness of breath but have no athsma shall i get a kitten or not? plz help me Franny's reply: Roxie, if you have wheezing and shortness of breath you likely have asthma, and I'd strongly advise not getting a kitten. At least, see your doctor, preferably an allergy specialist first.
—Guest roxie

cat allergies.

I have 10 cats had cats since I was born, brought up with then,and have never had a problem.I have had mild asthma for a few years, but no biggie. But the last 2 years or so, my chest is getting worse, coughing more. I seem to notice that I seem to cough more now when one of my cats gets on me for fuss. I know my having pets is not doing my health any good,well my longs at least, my doctors say so and x-rays. But my cats are our family, one, Chips is 23, no way am I getting rid of any of my pets, I will just continue to suffer.
—Guest polly

been a year and now i have cat alergys

Im so sad cause this cat and i use to play and i would laugh have fun with her, but now she lives in the basement. I have Breathing problems shortness of breath now getting worse bad on my health. Breaks my heart when i see her. Maybe i should buy a breathing mask when i see her probably scare her away. I never thought i would love a cat. I believe there sweeter then dogs...I always had a dog.
—Guest whiskers


It's erroneous and can be dangerous for some to be told, "I'm cured!" or, "I managed anyways." If you have asthma, the dander is everywhere. An air filter, shampoos, brushes, pills. etc. will not change things. With asthma, it can accumulate or it can slam you fast and hard. Zero to status asthmaticus. For those of you on here saying that you can't breathe but are laughing and saying that you love them...
—Guest No

I refuse to acknowledge my allergy to ca

I was diagnosed with Asthma just over 35 years ago, along with the addition of a strong allergy to cats. I've had allergy tests a couple of times since, and the results are always the same - allergic to horses & cats, but not dogs. I refuse to acknowledge the allergy tests, and have always continued to have cats in my life. I currently have a 13 year old boy, a 9 year old boy and a 7 month old feral boy kitten living with me. I also care for 2 more abandoned feral kittens at another location. Interestingly enough, when I go to other people's homes where they have cats, I start itching, tearing up and sneezing as soon as I touch their cats, but this doesn't happen with my own cats (which are all the same types of cats). I am a strong believer in 'self-talk', and I think that by convincing myself that I (mentally) refuse to be allergic to cats, it helps me to co-exist with them without my asthma playing up. I know I couldn't live without my fur-kids.
—Guest Rosie

Dont take my cat :(

My dad has allergies and my parents are getting concerned on having this cat in our house :( i think i can keep her if i keep more attention on my kitty and avoid having her near my dad
—Guest Paloma:)

Cats are my true loves!

I'm allergic to cats and everytime I near them, I start sneezing my nose starts running, my eyes get itchy and watery, also whenever my cats lick me I get a rash on my skin. I take Benadryl to control it and I have two cats! I love them so much. Whenever I'm sad they come lay down by me and sleep with me and purr. It's so soothing and they are so cuddly!
—Guest Stephanie


I recently adopted a cat. Toby is awesome. I grew up with all different types if animals and never had a problem with allergies. Its been s week and I feel like my lungs are caving in..I'm short for breath and dizzy. I went to allergist and was told I am not allergic to cats! So why is it when toby comes by my throat itches and I have trouble breathing? I'm perplexed! Any ideas?
—Guest mimi


i love cats and have 2 kittens of my own, but i am allergic to them, and always sneeze and wheeze around them. But i live with then well, except for the fact my mom wants them out of the house. I just got to make them their own house of their own, and everything will be alright.
—Guest CatLOver

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Are You Able to Live With Cats Despite Your Allergies?

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