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Readers Respond: Why I Consider my Cat a Motor-Mouth

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Motor-mouth cat

While he doesn't mew constant, my Max is very verbal. His vocabulary is large, with many different chirps and mews. Whiant is his favorite. That's as close as I can come to spelling the usual sound he makes when I come home. He always greets me at the door with much yakking.
—Guest vcrawford


Gracie is part Siamese and her voice is loud. If she is not getting what she thinks she needs, i.e. toy, played with, fishing pole out to play, and so forth, she meows. Other times, when she thinks I am not giving her enough attention, she sits and chirps at me. When she thinks I have had enough sleep for one night she puts her face next to mine and does her little chirp until I wake up. I love hearing her voice constantly. I live alone and so I talk to her a lot and I guess she is just returning the favor. Anyway, we're a good match. I have another cat, Satin, that meows so quietly it is barely audible. Gracie makes up for the two of them. When Satin wants something she "noses" my arm until I get up and follow her. I rarely "hear" her. I love them both and they are very different personalities.
—Guest Millie

my motor mouth cat

My cat, Frick has an opinion about everything.He will talk to me from the moment I hit the kitchen in the morning until bedtime.Frick will answer you if you talk to him and will contine his remarks as long as you respond to him. We will go on commicating for a half hour or so.It is really fuuny to hear him . He just doesnt stop with the remarks.

Motor Mouth Cats

All of my 6 furballs talk! I love it. They have a sound for what they want, give an opinion, chat, remind me to do what ever, etc. I talk right back and frequently remind them that I am the one with out fur or that I only have 2 hands!!
—Guest cal


my 4 yr old female, peanut, is constantly meowing even when she doesn't look like she needs anything. i take it as a good sign that she is so vocal. although she is overweight and i should cut back on her food cause she is an indoor cat, but she is usually a very happy kitty.
—Guest terry

Yes I have a motor mouth cat

My cat El Puma is the biggest motor-mouth cat around. I have gotten so used to it that if he doesn't follow me around and meow, I think that there is something wrong with him. I really enjoy it and I get to hug him everytime he crosses my path. He is a true love.
—Guest Kimi


Meow-Meow does just that ALL the time,but I love it!! it's like he ius telling me all the things that happened when I was at work. I have several cats and he is the only one that talks a lot!! When it's time to get up he wakes me! He is a really great cat.
—Guest Jane

Gingy has to have the last word.

Gingy has to have the last word, always. She talks back to me, then I to her, but she always finishes the conversation. If she is on my lap, and I dare to shift, she lets me hear about it. She has even done that while sound asleep ! Her ideal would be to lie in the lap of a mummy rather than the lap of her mommy. I know her talk for hunger, her demand to be petted when I am on the throne, her request for treats and her telling me when an insect has dared to invade our inner sanctum. Her most pitiful cry is when I am trying to trim her nails. She does it every time; I don't know why; I have never nipped her in the process. I am glad she is verbal, as all my cats have been. What would be more boring than a silent star?
—Guest BJ

Chatty kitties

I have had a few talkers over the years, the chattiest one was my beloved Bruce. He would sit behind me while I was working in the kitchen and carry on a regular conversation with me. He even spoke multi-syllable words and sometimes complete sentences. He could say some things so clear you instantly knew what he wanted. Meowt, mom and milk were the clearest. I have had a few, Clarissa, Shadow and Joey who only talked to me when I was on the phone. Joey especially can be quite annoying because he likes to sit on the back of my chair and talk directly in to my ear/receiver. My mom will even say "Hi Joey" when she hears him. The rest of my little pride (and joys) really only talk when they want something to eat.

Noooooo Meow

My 2yr old black oriental girl talks all day long. Except her meow sounds like she is saying Noooooo or yang - yang! Strang vocabulary I know but it's true! The only time I find it annoying is 3 in the morning when she wants to play fetch with her ball. Her brother max is a 1yr old Siamese boy but he is quiet compared to her!!!!
—Guest Lexi kat

I certainlyconsider MY cat a Motor-Mouth

My rescued shelter cat, Sophie, is a true motor-mouth. We can be in separate rooms, but Sophie just "talks" to no one in particular. Even if I say "hush" she won't until she gets good and ready. I think she must be very insecure as she craves attention with her "caterwauling" and she usually gets it. Being human, I need a bit of silence and time to myself and I really do love her, but I admit to having the wish (at times) to tie Sophie's mouth shut.
—Guest marlborough

A motor mouth cat

I have seven cats, the oldest is nearly fifteen and the youngest is 14 weeks old. All of them talk to me, but then, I talk to them, too. I have heard that a cat who does not feel safe in their environment will not talk, but those who feel safe, do talk. I have two that were born in the wild, that I tamed. Rachel, my muted calico was about two when I started to tame her, and she is nearing 14 now, but she is quite expressive, especially when I am cooking something she thinks smells good, and she has a particular meow she uses to ask me to "hurry up, please." Ginger is a tortie that freinds found nearly starved and I am sure she had been abused. I adopted her when she was approximately three years old, and the only talking she did at that time were snarls, growls and screams, but she also was afraid of me bending over to pet her, and she frequently cringed if I moved my arms too fast. I have had her about three years now, adn she has become a very expressive cat, in sweet languag

Raleigh the orator

Raleigh (now at the Rainbow Bridge) was always very talkative and very LOUD. She was a Maine Coon mix, but evidently didn't know they were supposed to have quiet, chirping voices. She would talk to me every night when I came home from work - sometimes I swear she was telling me about all the transgressions of her younger sister, and I would say "Coco Bear did WHAT?" in response. As she got seriously geriatric and was on some meds that made her a bit stimulated, it got kind of annoying, but generally I loved it. The funniest was when, in her old age, she would walk right up to the previously feared vacuum cleaner and ROAR at it :-)

motor mouth

My male cat "Willy" loves to jibber-jabber.....he will come into our kitchen and act like a dog begging for food and jibber-jabbers...Also he has a favorite homemade toy that is a long soft rope attached to a stuffed animal and drags it around the house and is very vocal...........
—Guest Betty Potash

Conversationalist cat!

I've mentioned my awesome cat previously with regards to object permanence. Our Tiger also understood how to have a conversation. Her brother would meow incessantly or interrupt or have no sense of proper timing or conversation etiquette, and he's still like that (similar to some humans, I suppose!). She on the other hand would meow when the human ended his/her spiel and have her say. And it would often go back and forth for quite a while. I wish we had recorded it. She would look directly at you and talk. Literally. Until she was done!
—Guest talkativecatmom

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Why I Consider my Cat a Motor-Mouth

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