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Readers Respond: Does Your Cat Qualify as a Weirdest Cat?

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In her article, 12 Weird Cat Behaviors Explained, Amy Shojai describes quirky habits such as Cat Bunting, Elevator Butt, Covering Food, and nine others.

You are invited to share your own cat's cute or unusual habits with other readers. Does he "chase rabbits" while dreaming, burrow under blankets, or try to open doors? Use as much space as available to describe the behavior as completely as possible You may contribute more than one strange behavior habit, but please use a new form for each of them.

Mechanical cat

Abby, our calico, loves all things technical. Normally stand-offish to strangers, she will follow contractors around the house, hoping to get a chance at their tool belts or boxes. Her favorite is my father's wood clamp; we're not sure why, but when he was fixing a piece of furniture, she purred and rubbed on the clamp like it was her best friend. This habit extends to electrical equipment as well. She has played my electric piano, changed channels on the TV remote, unplugged the lamp and the alarm clock, turned off the power strip to the entertainment center and even buzzed me into my apartment once. I'm not sure, but I think I caught her trying to send a text on my phone. We decided to set up our computer in the coat closet so she can't start shopping on eBay or set up a Facebook account for herself while we are at work.
—Guest Sue

Quirky Coco Bear

Coco has always had kind of a silk flower fetish - but only one arrangement, the one on the coffee table. She's been licking that thing for 10 years. Recently she changed it up and started biting them, and biting the flowers off the stems. Her meal time ritual is also humorous. The longer I take dishing up food the faster she runs through the dining room, living room and kitchen, over and over, and squeals like a little piggy :-)

Potty Partner

My cat, Lulu, is very strange. Whenever me or someone else uses the bathroom, Lulu hears and rushes to the door, slipping in and wanting to be petted. She'll purr loudly and walk back and forth while being petted; if you stop she'll get up as close to your face as she can and stare at you. This is especially strange because she hardly ever lets anyone pet her. Eventually she'll lay down and just hang out until you're done. She does this especially with my mom; when my mom closes the door, Lulu will get distressed, meowing outside the door, scratching on it and the nearby carpet. We often refer to her as our "self-appointed potty partner"!
—Guest LS

Bunk-bed cat

Cats are known to love jumping to high places, so my Gilbi (an orange tabby) is no exception. Ever since she is capable, she has jumped to the top of the TV cabinet, fridge, and even shower cubicles. But the funniest is her endless attempts to get to the top bunk of a bunk bed. Under normal circumstances, other cats would jump from a desk or a cupboard, but Gilbi insists on using the bunk-bed ladder instead. Most of the time, she would claw her way up after jumping onto the 2nd step, but sometimes she would fail, and just hang on the step, all 4s hanging in the air. Her face expression is like "Damn, I'm stuck again!". It's quite a funny sight!!

Crazy Kitty!!!!!

My cat loves to attack things in the middle of the night, and loves to wake people up. Sometimes if he has had a crazy night, he will skitter around as if afraid of everything, and then will walk over to you, as if nothing had ever happened.
—Guest 3leggedkitty


My cat is obsessed with raw fruits and vegetables. He carries them around the house with him and plays with them but never eats them. I caught him dragging an entire bunch of bananas through the basement. He's stolen blueberries, broccoli, an entire cucumber and celery sticks.
—Guest AshNat

Momma cats sharing

I have 2 female cats that delivered the kittens the same night..what i find is odd is that they share the feedings..or one will nurse and than the other will come an releive the other..is this normal?
—Guest Rhonda

My Trouble

While petting my kitten she bites down on my hand & then starts licking my hand while purring the whole time. Kind of confused about it is this typical kitten behavior?
—Guest ~Angela ~

Bless you!

My calico, Sassy, is a year old. Every time someone sneezes she lets out this long meow as if to say Bless you! If you tell her thank you she comes and purrs and rubs on you. Its doesn't matter how many times you sneeze she will meow everytime and she knows the difference from a real one and a fake one. My husband faked it and she just looks at him like he is crazy.
—Guest arutledge

sink cat

cally just loves the sink. she will often sleep in it. she likes to play with water left in it.
—Guest beverly

strange behaviors

When Artie wants attention he taps me on my shoulder 3 times, either while I am in bed or on the couch! While sleeping, he has even tapped my nose 3 times in a row!

cat biting

My feral cat just likes to bite, and at any given moment just attacts. He is an indoor cat now and roamed outside for 3 yrs., but home at nite to eat!
—Guest george jones


My cat is a ferrel cat 6 yrs old,she likes to attact and bite at night.she can be calm and just attact at anytime,she is fixed,and we moved and now an indoor cat.
—Guest george

Pickle and Jack

Our cats Pickle and Jack are so different Pickle when my partner Trevor comes home sits on his shoulder and kisses his neck then starts to lick his hair.Jack who is my cat tells me when its bed time even if i am not ready he will moan cry and keep going till i give in it is better just to go to bed than him crying and moaning YES Jack is the boss of me but i would not have it any other way they are our babies our family.Sandra and Trevor Huddersfield.
—Guest Guest sandra

hide and seek necks

My cat Honda, a found 10-day old orphan who as bottle fed and is now 2 1/2, loves to close doors. She'll get behind the bedroom or bathroom door, raise up on her hind legs and push the door shut. She'll then stare at the door, as if daring her playmate Putter to come in. As an orphan, though, she has never really acquired a cat cry or meow, only very faint mews when greeting or feeding. She ends up trapped for hours if the door is not heard when it shuts because she can't be heard. She will also fly into the bathroom and jump up on the tub between the curtain and inner liner, whether chased or not. Repeatedly throught the day or evening, Honda will get upon my chest and suckle my neck, purring all the while.
—Guest raben

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