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Readers Respond: Does Your Cat Qualify as a Weirdest Cat?

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In her article, 12 Weird Cat Behaviors Explained, Amy Shojai describes quirky habits such as Cat Bunting, Elevator Butt, Covering Food, and nine others.

You are invited to share your own cat's cute or unusual habits with other readers. Does he "chase rabbits" while dreaming, burrow under blankets, or try to open doors? Use as much space as available to describe the behavior as completely as possible You may contribute more than one strange behavior habit, but please use a new form for each of them.

Share Your Cat's Quirks

Phoebe's gift

My cat Phoebe will hide some artifical flowers from my flower arrangements ( much to my dismay) when I was gone for 2 weeks, my husband told her '' mommy would be home in a few minutes'' he said she disappeared for about 15 minutes and when I came home, she was standing in front of the back door I come through and had a beautiful artifical flower in her teeth ready to present to mommy! It was so funny! I could kick myself for not taking a picture. She has done this on more than one occasion including once when I was sick in bed. ( she never leaves my side when I am sick) It is just a mystery where she gets these flowers they are well hid, I have long ago put the ones I had up. Its amazing how animals know these things!
—Guest kim thornsberry

Harley-the thief

My mom's cat, Harley, almost caused a family feud. My parents noticed that bills from their money jar were disappearing on a regular basis and were on the verge of confronting my teenage brothers (I was off at college) about stealing (and probably lying when they denied it). Fortunately before the big talk my mom spotted Harley making off with a dollar and followed her to my old bedroom where all the missing money (about $50 in 1's and 5's) was found under my old bed.
—Guest Sarah

Mechanical cat

Abby, our calico, loves all things technical. Normally stand-offish to strangers, she will follow contractors around the house, hoping to get a chance at their tool belts or boxes. Her favorite is my father's wood clamp; we're not sure why, but when he was fixing a piece of furniture, she purred and rubbed on the clamp like it was her best friend. This habit extends to electrical equipment as well. She has played my electric piano, changed channels on the TV remote, unplugged the lamp and the alarm clock, turned off the power strip to the entertainment center and even buzzed me into my apartment once. I'm not sure, but I think I caught her trying to send a text on my phone. We decided to set up our computer in the coat closet so she can't start shopping on eBay or set up a Facebook account for herself while we are at work.
—Guest Sue

My OCD Cat

Roxie is the most pecular kitten I have seen. She is 10 months old now, but since I brought her home at 8 weeks, she has a particular interest about dirt, sand from her liter box, or any tiny bit of imperfection on the tile floor. She spends hours every single day looking for dirt and then paws and cleans until satisfied. Every time I empty the liter box, I find all the sand and dirt she has pushed away under the box, while the floor around the box sparkles. She mutters and meows at me when I finish, because there remains a few that I cant see, but it doesnt escape her sharp eyes. My kitchen has never been any cleaner and my OCD cat never happier at the end of the day, when she is finally done and deems it complete.
—Guest Isabella

My cat is crazy for broccoli!

Hi - I have a beautiful little cat named Margarita who is almost 7 years old. She only weighs 7 pounds and looks like a miniature Maine Coon. She is a mischievous little thing and keeps us on our toes. One of her quirks is that she likes broccoli .... Or should I say loves broccoli. Whenever there is fresh broccoli around she shows up to beg for some. Yesterday I was eating broccoli and she actually came from another room to get some, having sniffed it out from fifty feet away. I gave her some, but not satisfied with just one piece, she proceeded to steal two more pieces from the plastic sandwich bag they were in. I even grabbed my cell phone and videoed it. She nibbles at it, and will eat a bit of it, but mainly she loves to play with it, and roll around on the floor beside it, almost like when she enjoys catnip or honeysuckle toys. I have never heard of cats liking broccoli, have you?

Francophilia Kitty

About a month ago I sang a french lullaby to one of my cats whose behavior immediately showed his pleasure. He looked up at me, came to me and rubbed against me and acted totally enraptured! Now, when I want to get his attention, all I have to do is sing the first bar of the lullaby and he's complete putty in my hands! My husband wants to know why his behavior is so strange? I am a French native and this is an old french lullaby many french mothers sing to their infants to help them sleep. I think Seymour just loves the different sounding language. But I am also curious of his response to the song.
—Guest Michele V.

Belle Rose the Blanket Snob

I have the cuttest ever black, super fluffy, super spoiled kitty (just turned two) and she is the biggest blanket snob ever. She loves to snuggle inside blankets and go into what I call a blanket coma. She has a pink, yellow and green one for the office. She has a blue snuggie and a green snuggie and she tries to climb into the sleeves in them (she used to succeed when she was a kitten). She has some red shear old curtains that she loves to get lost in. She loves climbing in tshirts that I am trying to fold. She loves black and camo print jackets and raincoats that get tossed on the couch or floor. But, for the odd part, she will not step foot on our white bedspread or on the white sheets. All other colors are game...
—Guest Chelle B

Quirky Coco Bear

Coco has always had kind of a silk flower fetish - but only one arrangement, the one on the coffee table. She's been licking that thing for 10 years. Recently she changed it up and started biting them, and biting the flowers off the stems. Her meal time ritual is also humorous. The longer I take dishing up food the faster she runs through the dining room, living room and kitchen, over and over, and squeals like a little piggy :-)

Potty Partner

My cat, Lulu, is very strange. Whenever me or someone else uses the bathroom, Lulu hears and rushes to the door, slipping in and wanting to be petted. She'll purr loudly and walk back and forth while being petted; if you stop she'll get up as close to your face as she can and stare at you. This is especially strange because she hardly ever lets anyone pet her. Eventually she'll lay down and just hang out until you're done. She does this especially with my mom; when my mom closes the door, Lulu will get distressed, meowing outside the door, scratching on it and the nearby carpet. We often refer to her as our "self-appointed potty partner"!
—Guest LS

Bunk-bed cat

Cats are known to love jumping to high places, so my Gilbi (an orange tabby) is no exception. Ever since she is capable, she has jumped to the top of the TV cabinet, fridge, and even shower cubicles. But the funniest is her endless attempts to get to the top bunk of a bunk bed. Under normal circumstances, other cats would jump from a desk or a cupboard, but Gilbi insists on using the bunk-bed ladder instead. Most of the time, she would claw her way up after jumping onto the 2nd step, but sometimes she would fail, and just hang on the step, all 4s hanging in the air. Her face expression is like "Damn, I'm stuck again!". It's quite a funny sight!!

I think my cat is a dog...

I adopted Sphinx from my SPCA a few months ago. My dad told me to bring home a unique cat, if I could find one. I walked in and fell in love with him. I figured my dad would be a little upset since Sphinx is all black with bright orange eyes, he's a "boring looking cat", as my dad would put it. I soon found out how not-boring he really is. He automatically took to a leash, he walks better than my dad's Golden Retriever and even likes the water more than the dog. Surprisingly enough, the leash and the love of water aren't the only things he shares with my dad's dog. Sphinx plays fetch. It's the craziest thing I've ever seen in my life. Just the other night, he woke up just to play fetch. For an hour, he would not leave me alone unless I played fetch with him. So, after that, I started hiding his toy when it is bed time, but that doesn't stop him. He looks for it until he finds it. And, my favorite, he has now learned to LAY DOWN on command and I'm working with him to SIT. I love him.

Strange behaviour

I have a 7 month old male rag doll and a 3 month old male rag doll. Too often I find the little one sucking on the elder ones penis. I don't know if it's a sucking on mums nipple thing that he's missing but it concerns me. The elder cat just lifts his leg and purrs like crazy, as you would I expect..lol. Is this normal behaviour?
—Guest Tracey

Come Inside

My folks have three cats: a mother and two boys. The oldest boy, Barney has his weird and funny moments but one of his interesting methods of communication intrigues me. He had worked out a method of letting us know when he wants to enter the house by climbing up the security screen door at the front of the house until he's about a metre up the door. He then lets go of the door and drops to the verandah floor boards. And because the house is raised, the sound and vibration from his body lets us know he's there so we can let him in. Anyway, thought id share.
—Guest Kyle

cat play

I have 2 cats. A calico and a black cat. The calico seems to think that sitting on the other cats head is a big joke. Is it?
—Guest redrubi

hiss and purr

My cat will hiss and purr at the same time. What's the deal?
—Guest Vicki Murphy

Share Your Cat's Quirks

Does Your Cat Qualify as a Weirdest Cat?

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