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Readers Respond: What makes you believe that cats are (are not) solitary animals & why?

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They Are What You Make Them!

I believe it's all in the pet owner and how they treat their cats. Depending on how people raise and train their cats, their personalities and interactions will differ. If someone doesn't cuddle with their cat, speak to it often, or basically have constant interactions then that wont be an everyday part of life for that cat. Those cats wont be big "people persons" because it wasn't incorporate into their everyday lives during early stages of life. But if your constantly snuggling, interacting, talking, and whatever else with your cat then it's going to naturally to react for those things. I think if you make your cat solitary, then it will be. But if you basically treat you cat like a human, then your cats going to act like a human. I also believe that if your cat sees your different emotions through out its life, then its going to be able to differentiate between your different emotions, and it will tell when your sad and in need of attention, just as you do with your cat.

cats do sense when somebody is in need

After reading the above comments, I have to say that my cat who normally loves going out, would not budge when my mother who subsequently died recently at home was so ill,he would not leave the room, and laid beside her as she was dying.
—Guest Elizabeth

I know they love

I know that cats need and love us other than for food. I am my male cats human. Simple as that. When he was at the vet for his neutering twelve years ago, he had been a perfect quiet kitty for them all day. When I got there to pick him up he heard my voice and went nuts. Crying out, trying to get out of the cage. He sprang into my arms like a child and wouldn't let go. My new vet often comments on how much he is like a dog. I just have to walk and he is with me, even in the parking lot. He is usually very confident, not afraid of dogs, etc, but one time a non-cat person was with me outside watching him, his tail was down and he was in the courtyard of our building. I said, watch this, his tail will go up when I'm near him. I walked to Sam, and instantly he leaned his little body against my leg, and the tail went straight up, he basically said I'm confident with you Mom, what should we do now? My friend believes now.I love my cats and I will never go a day without having one in my life.
—Guest Karyn

never no a love like it

I have 4 cats. All have been ill treated one way or another. My 2 boys were found with their back paw missing,yes both of them. got them when they were 9weeks...they're now just over a year...never known a love like they give to me its magic. Elli was found in a skip. she is lady and yes never known love like it.la-tina is 16weeks. Hers is a long story and yes never known a love like it.I feel loved and needed every day,sometimes my lap isn't big enough. Jan

They do bond with people!

when i go to sleep at night...my cat usually sleep at my side at night. when i wake up he is also wake up.
—Guest Francis


I have had a cat for five months. She was found in a dumpster and given to my by my ex-girlfriend. She (the cat) is not allowed in my bedroom, but is outside my door almost every morning when I come out. She does not meow when I am asleep, but once she hears me move around in my bed or room begins to scratch at the door and meow. When I get home from work she hears my car pull in and sits in the window waiting for me to come in the outside door of the apartment building, then sits at the door to greet me when I come in. When I am home she constantly rubs against my feet, licks my toes, and growls at me for attention.
—Guest John

My cat loves me & I adore her!

Cats love, at least mine loves me. She is Amer. Shorthair who is a curious (let's be real, NOSY)cudlle-bunny.We rescued each other. Tiega (Tee-gah)is animated, sweet, verbal, responsive & silly. She is gentle & rambunctious.She negotiates.We regularly converse in human and cat.I am sure she laughs at me when I do feline incorrectly. We chase each other around. She is a wonderful little motorboat who cracks me up. She holds me hostage by crawling into my lap or just touching while she naps. I know she is trying to steal my heat, which I think is a hoot because I am anemic. She also has her "Ok Mommmy, it's time to love each other up" moments. As well as " I vant to be left alone. moments. I love her headbutts and "soft paws play" (she makes sure not to use her nails when we play). I agree with others here, it depends on the cat and the human. How you and your cat(s)bond is up to you and the cat. After learning the foundations of cat-care all you need do is love them & be happy.
—Guest Felice

Apples and Oranges

Cats love people in different ways than dogs do. Cats also understand that humans are not cats. They don't know what they think we are, but they know we aren't cats. It is true cats do love on us for food and attention, but that is partly because it is believed that they may see us as a adoptive parent. Dogs see humans as a more powerful dog. It is true though that cats are independent and don't need their human around all the time. They are able to take care of themselves for the most part. This is because cats domesticated themselves, and humans domesticated dogs.
—Guest Greg

They always wanne be with me

I have had my two cats for a very long time and I am the human in the household who they have bonded with for the reason that I give them the most attention. They always need to be in the same room as me. They'll cry outside the door till I let them in. So I guess they are very independent but if you give them love they'll love you back, but if you ignore them, they'll leave you basically alone.
—Guest Livy

cats love

I have two cats. I was only a dog owner until I bought my house in 2004. At first I knew very little about cats and their ability to love as I always thought they were solitary and independent. I will tell you that my cats cuddle with me more often than any dog I have had in my life. My one cat follows me from room to room. Not for food but to be right next to me. He may be in a deep sleep in another part of the house and if he hears me get up and walk around he comes running in to be next to me. My other cat settles down for the night every night after food and play have ended. He gets in my lap and lays up side down like a baby and immediately falls asleep. When it's bed time they come to bed with me, when I'm sick they both lay right next to me and when I'm sad they don't leave my side. They both have very different personalities but I have a bond with them like no other pet that I have ever had.

Cat Love

My cat is very sociable. I also noticed drastic changes in her neediness when I moved into a new house - though I'm sure she appreciated double the amount of space, she wasn't comfortable, and screamed all night. Now that the house has become "hers," she's okay with it. Also, now that I'm out of the house more during the day, she is much more needy at night, and tends to demand much more of my attention. I can't say whether or not I "caused" her to be a lapcat - when I got her, she was a stray that had been in a lot of fights, didn't like other cats, and wanted little to do with me. I left her alone and let her come to me, in her own time, and she hasn't left my side yet - that was five years ago.
—Guest whatzerkitty

Are Cats Really Solitary Animals?

I picked up two hungry kittens on the road, fed them and cared for them during their tender time. Now, both will wait for me outside whenever I went into the bathroom till I'm done. Regardless of what they're doing, once they finished eating their food, they'll wait for me. They will ignore whoever in the house and concentrate on me when I'm in the bathroom. Kiki will get on the bed just to smell and lay her head on my pillow as if sleeping next to me. She loves licking the tip of my nose all the time. She will get to the highest table and meowing for me to lower my head for her to headbutt and starts licking my nose. Salem will come whenever I call to him and wants to sit wherever my feet is. I was upset one day and Kiki came to me and just sit there near me. All these while their food is ALWAYS available and toys is in abundance. So I agree to this that they do build a bond with their owner.
—Guest Mariana

Cat Forgiveness

Funny story. My cat Cosby Ghostdad Huxtable was up one night on one of his many adventures when he came into my bedroom. I felt him jump up on my bed and lay down and begin to snuggle in. He chirped, then pounced on my nether-regions from atop the blanket. I yelped in anguish, and, scaring him, he jumped off of the bed and sat next to me. As I grimaced, I looked up at him next to me. He chirped again, but this time it was followed promptly by his infinitely famous, (and personal favorite), head-flip to the floor. He stared at me, chirped again, and proceeded with another head-flip. I felt no pain after that. That was all he need do for forgiveness.
—Guest Brian Tucker

Solitary? No.

I believe cats are independent, but still crave and love affection. I have only to see my two together to know they are not solitary -- they can usually be found cuddled together, or cuddled with me.

Cats Thrive on Companionship.

They have solitary moments, but cats like any other animal, thrive on companionship. I have 3 cats now along with a stray or two. "Dog-like" the girls love being massaged around the head, neck and jaws. They come and seek you not only for food or an occasional playtime with catnip, but only to lay on my lap or by my side. Even Blinki, my now 13 year old male, comes in to sleep nearby. I seem almost always have one of them keeping me company throughout the day--they take turns--and all three sleep around me as I watch the tv, making sure that no intruders seek more than a drink of water or a meal outside in the patio.

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