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Readers Respond: How do you handle the cat vaccine question? Share your experience here.

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Never again vaccines for my kitties

I knew it was the vaccines. My cat was a happy healthy kitty with no health problems. She became ill and I was told she had liver failure!!! I was in shock!! I know it was the due to the shots. Of course they denied that it had anything to do with her quick illness. I miss her and I so much regret that I took her in for vaccinations. My cat before this one reached 22 and never did she have vaccines.
—Guest Guest Diana

My cat will never get a vaccination

Three days after my fourteen year old felines were vaccinated for rabies and distemper, they stopped eating and drinking. My male cat is experiencing kidney failure as a result of the reaction. I was not informed by my vet how dangerous vaccinations are for older animals. My female is better, two weeks later, and my male cat is being given dialosis. Hopefully he will survive! Please pray for him and do not vaccinate!
—Guest Gail

Titer testing

I have been doing titer testing on all my pets! Yes it can be costly however having a farm with all indoor/out door pets I'd rather have my protected from these virus's however by be over vaccinated! Titer testing tests to see if the immunity from a shot is still in affect, even years after it was given! This was I can send the titer test in to the county ever year and not have to worry about rabies fines, I also do this test for the other vaccines as well! My oldest pet is 10 and he has only been vaccinated twice! An he only has needed it twice!
—Guest Kuddy

Rabies and 4&1 distenper shots

Before Any cat shots ask vet if they have the 1 year rabbies and 4 in 1 distemper shot! Fact: Vaccine shots come in 3 year and 1 year shots. However.... here in New Jersey (And likely other states.) NJ Laws say that ALL Cats and Dogs Must have "YEARLY Rabies shots"! I asked my vet Why are you still using a 3 year shot EVERY YEAR? The doctors agreed and ammended ALL THEIR SHOT RULES TO GIVING ONLY 1 YEAR VACCINES TO ALL THE PATIENTS! Amazing I had to show a Vet Doctor vaccines manufactures dosages! NOW AFTER SHOTS MY 2 CATS ARE NOT SICK OR LATHARGIC ANYMORE. MY ADVICE: MAKE SURE YOUR VET IS NOT OVER DOSING YOUR ANIMALS. DO "PRODUCT RESEARCH" BEFORE GOING TO YOUR VET. ASK YOUR VET WHAT EXACTLY HE/SHE IS USING AND WHEN DOES IT EXPIRE EXACTLY! 4 in 1 distemper shots are the same thing. If your vet is still using a 3 year shots, show him "Pfisers instructions" for the rabbies and 4 in 1 shots! Shots kill animals every year do to OVERDOSING. ASK QUESTIONS AND LOOK AT THE DRUG LABELS!


I have a 2 year old cat who has only had her rabies when I took her in to be spayed at 6 months. I have a kitten who is 5 months old who had all his shots and was neutered early on as most kittens are these days. I adopted him from a foster home who house several kittens. I am just now becoming aware of this terrible disease called FIP. It breaks my heart to watch my kitten suffer. I've been reading more and more about the dangers of shots when all my life its drilled into your head by your vets that you must get this done. All the kittens from the shelters and foster homes are rushed through the process of shots and spay/neuter that they aren't given a fair chance to build a stronger immune system. Now I have to let my baby go far too early in his life. It just isn't fair.

Vaccine associated sarcomas

My cat has had 2 vaccine related tumors removed. The vets don't even tell you its a risk AND they STILL vaccinate in the scruff (huge no no for cats) and in the hip instead of the knee or lower and its a disgrace. Cat owners think they are helping their dearly loved kitty with out ever knowing the true risks!! If your kitty is indoor only no shots are ever needed again after first round. ALWAYS make sure your vet vaccinates your cat as low on the rear leg as possible or you will learn the hard way like myself and so many others had to.
—Guest Lisa

I Will Never Vaccinate My Cat

I worked in the veterinary industry for years and I was shocked to learn that most vets have no idea what they are doing and many of them do not care about anything besides money. I have a 12 year old cat and she has never been vaccinated for anything. She is an indoor only cat and I would take my chance of a rabid bat somehow gaining access to my house before I let the vets and pharmaceutical company kill my precious baby. I have had her since she was 9 days old and she is my whole world. Please look up the rabies challenge fund and you will see many states allow for a rabies vaccination waiver. I have one for my cat because she has asthma and therefore is not healthy and can't be vaccinated. My best advice is to find a holistic vet and stay away from conventional vets. If you want your pets to live a long and healthy life stay out of your vets office. Decline vaccines and flea/tick and heartworm meds. Feed a raw diet and stay away from processed kibble and canned foods.
—Guest Diane

sad dopey cat

I took my 2 yr old female.spayed cat to the vet yesterday and they gave her a shot for rabies and distemper and since we got home @11 yesterday morning she hasn't eaten anything or touched her water.She's an inside cat and honestly have never seen her this mopey and non playful how long should I wait if this continues,I want my playful cat back to normal.

cats with vars

I has 13 cats all rescues. 3 of the cats developed this cancer and passed away. 2 of the cats were sisters and their other sibling lives next door and has never been to a vet yet is alive while my girls are gone because I took them for shots every 3 yrs. I no longer allow my cats to get this shot and neither do I allow them access to outside. I still feel guilt.
—Guest Cat Lewis

Totosh my sweet kitti

Monday 20.02.2012 we finally got our little kitten, a small 2 moths and a week old Scottish fold. The next Saturday we took him to the vet for a check up. He insisted on giving him the trivalent vaccine. We agreed and put our trust in that vet. Before during the day he was very playful running all through the house but Sunday he slept almost the hole day and late into the night he vomited and he was struggling to stand on his feet. Next day my wife took him to another vet, he gave him some IV, vitamins, fluid and he got a little better and more active. But Monday evening he got worse, my spouse took him to the vet and gave him some recuperation solutions but shortly after they got home he died. It was our first kitten and we had it only for a week because a MONEY HUNGRY vet killed him with the vaccine. The second vet told us that the vaccine was to strong for the 750 grams little angel. He was with us for just a week but he got into our hearts from first day. We'll miss him very much.
—Guest Fivetd

Rabies vaccine has immunidty over 7 year

The studies are showing one rabies vaccine has a durration of immunity over 7 years. We do not need yearly or every 3 yr shots. We are killing our own pets with vaccines that last way longer then the manuafacture wants us to belive. When was your last vaccine? as a kid- that is becuase the immunidty is lifelong just like with pet vaccines.
—Guest connie

First shots in 6 month old

Just had a kitty show up on doorstep fell completely in love with her so decided to take her to the vet where she got a series of vaccines yesterday but now today she doesn't hardly want to drink anything and won't eat and is acting like she wants to vomit is this normal for her to seem so sick after shots
—Guest Newcatowner

Initial shots, then rabies only

My cats are indoor only. They get their initial kitten series and then only rabies. Legally you have to give rabies. Unfortunately if your cat ever bites someone and you can't show rabies vaccination, it's up to them to decide if they want to trust you that your cat *can't* have rabies, go through the shots themself, or have your cat tested...No matter how small a risk, that is a risk I'm not willing to take
—Guest guest

"PureVax" Rabies Booster Killed my Cat!

My 5y.o. female died on 10/12/11 5 days after receiving her yearly law mandated PureVax shot. Before the shot she was healthy, active beautiful cat. Within about 24 hours she became lithargic, spacey, no interest in food or water. She would eat or drink nothing till she died. She received iv fluids and then 3 days later was urinating dark blood like urine. When at the vet two days after the shot they thought she would recover but they did not tests, just routine exam and iv. Finally after the dark urine we took her to another vet who did a blood test and found IMHA-a severe immune reaction that was destroying her red blood cells and organs. Crisis intervention followed but too late. My sweet girl died late that night. I have never felt so sad. I'm the one that took her to get the shot and then was slow to deal with her sickness. Odd really I have been antivax and had refused all other vaccinations for her. She was very healthy Read up on IMHA if you animal shows any reaction to a vax.
—Guest Don

distemper given 1 year to soon

I just brought my 4 year old cat to the vet for rabbies distemper and exam. When I got home I discovered she was not due for distemper until next year 10/2012
—Guest kringle

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